Reikä Wall

A modular system designed for modern living. 

Give your possessions the frame they deserve. Display them with Reikä Wall.



The Reikä Wall system is an ever growing collection of components that simply hook in to slotted wall panels.

The beauty of this system is the ability to constantly change and adapt your space to suit your needs.


Modular design simply refers to an item made up of independent components that can be put together in a range of ways.

The Reikä Wall system is a great solution for, home, office and

ever-changing retail environments because one component can serve multiple purposes. 


Reika Wall - Fixings.jpg

Wall panels are hung on a continuous metal strut that is anchored to the studs in the wall with heavy duty lag bolts. If your wall is concrete or built with metal studs other fasteners will need to be sourced.

Reika Wall - Fixings - Panel.jpg

Wall panels are 1.2m wide and come in three standard heights, 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m. In some cases you may need a custom sized panel. Email us with the overall size of your wall and any specifics we need to work around (drawings and photos are helpful). We’ll come up with an optimal panel layout and email you to double check the measurements. 

Reika Wall - Fixings - Bolts Fitted

Your Reikä Wall will be packed, put on our van and delivered right to your driveway or curb-side. Or you can skip the shipping and collect from our workshop. 

*Please note our standard shipping is currently only available to customers in the South East of England. For all other locations please contact us before purchasing. 



Wall panels ship with all the necessary hardware for a typical installation on a wood stud wall and detailed installation instructions will be sent with your system.

Please note that Reika Wall stock is currently unavailable
due to supply chain issues.

For more information about the Reikä Wall, please contact us.