Available in three standard sizes:



External Dimensions: (H) 258mm (W) 258mm (D) 258mm

Internal Dimensions: (H) 222mm (W) 222mm (D) 258mm

Material: Lacquered Birch Ply



External Dimensions: (H) 258mm (W) 498mm (D) 258mm

Internal Dimensions: (H) 222mm (W) 462mm (D) 258mm

Material: Lacquered Birch Ply



External Dimensions: (H) 258mm (W) 738mm (D) 258mm

Internal Dimensions: (H) 222mm (W) 702mm (D) 258mm

Material: Lacquered Birch Ply

Cubby Holes

  • Reikä Cubby Holes let you express your personality the way you should have always been able to, by providing neat little spaces for your prized possessions available in three sizes, Mini, Midi & Maxi.

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